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Красавица река Слюдянка. Хамар-Дабан. Байкал 2016

A small video about the beautiful mountain river Slyudyanka, which originates in the mountains of Khamar-Daban and flows into Baikal!

Открытый Байкальский марафон. Малое море. Сахюрта. Байкал 2017

They participated in the fifth jubilee interregional competitions in speed skating "The Open Baikal Marathon which took place on the Small Sea in Baika.

Автомобильная экскурсия на мыс Хобой. Ольхон. Байкал 2016

A small video with car trips Khoboy Cape on Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal with a visit to the picturesque cliffs and the most beautiful places on the island.

Восхождение. Пик Тальцинский. Хамар-Дабан. Байкал 2015

Introducing an interesting hike climbing to the peak of the Taltzy. Taltzy peak mountain height of 1806 meters, is located almost in the center of Khamar-Dab.

Пик Черского. Часть 3. Водопады р. Подкомарной. Хамар-Дабан 2016

We continue to walk and explore the neighborhood Cherskiy peak, namely, go to the waterfalls of the river and its tributaries Podkomarnoy.

По первому льду на коньках. Байкал 2016

По первому льду на коньках. Байкал 2016

Ледяная библиотека чудес. Гора Соболиная. Байкальск. Байкал 2017

At Baikal in the mountain resort of Sobolinaya Mountain, the "Ice Library of Wonders" was built, the idea is that people leave their desires and dreams on th.

Пик Черского. Слюдянка - Метеостанция. Часть 1. Хамар-Дабан 2016

Hike to Cherskiy Peak is a wonderful family weekend route. In his colorful, beauty and quantity of endorphins - pleasure hormones produced in the body as the.

Бухта Песчаная. Байкал 2015

Sandy Bay - one of the most famous and beautiful places on the lake, which does not leave anyone indifferent. Over the bay got the name Baikal Riviera becaus.

Скала Обзора. Бухта Песчаная. Байкал 2015

Walking through one of the most popular destinations in the vicinity of Sandy Bay on Lake Baikal, visiting the rock Survey. Panorama opens from the Survey cl.

Четырехдневный поход по КБЖД. Байкал 2016

From 14 to 17 July we made a small trip to the Circum-Baikal Railway and we offer you to plunge with us into the history, the beautiful legend of the K.

Ледолазанье. Мунку-Сардык 2016

The third film from our trip to the Munch Sardyk, after climbing 2 May we decided to climb on ice falls on Moguvek river. Bright sun and emotions that spring.

Рыбалка на "кораблик" в бухте Песчаной. Байкал 2015

Рыбалка на "кораблик" в бухте Песчаной. Байкал 2015