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Wolf Ambassador from the Wolf Conservation in South Salem, NY. Their website has an enclosure live camera and I just took screenshots of him in his den! Met him before at a group information event. He is gorgeous and calm. A perfect teacher.

Wolf kisses!

Kiss or Bite ? This is no bite. It is yet another of the ways that this creature shows its loving ways. You know the feeling ! - It's the equivalent of our hug.

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Funny pictures about Disappointed Otter. Oh, and cool pics about Disappointed Otter. Also, Disappointed Otter photos.


Inside each of us are two wolves. One is evil. Which wolf wins? The one you feed most.

Autumn ambience

Honey graham human alpha male cookies - love 'me. Wolves delight, I wolf 'em down!

As Venom hummeda pretty song, a Raven landed on a branch next to her.  "Hello! Which Spirit are you?"

Wolves are often friends with crows and ravens, working together to hunt and eating together. The crows look for food and tell the wolf where it is and shares the meat once the wolf catches it

I love wolves

The groundhog said six more weeks of winter.So I ate him.


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