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Your intentions will have to matter before this planet. And that is all my friend.

This is just another one of your fake ass liar themes You fake ass your shade waiting for me to fix the fake ass you Ha

I hate the cursing in a lot of what I pin but the messages really are on point. So when you read mine, imagine a cleaner version.

Lessons Learned

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Some people are life-sucking energy-draining negative bags of annoying hell. Funny but true

But a very beautiful potato. Make all the other potatoes go TATOTATOMASH

Being a potato makes you special. I love potatoes and you should to. So when you say your ugly potato maybe you should just say to your friends " Well I guess that means I'm the lucky one!


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"Beauty is vain.but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." Physical appearance fades, but a heart set on serving and loving God, now that's true beauty.

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hahahahahhaah omg yes. so true to bad all the cute guys you crush on always have to talk to you it's intimidating ;