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Early 20th-century ad for sanitized tapeworms. "Friends for a Fair Form" - "Easy to Swallow!" - "No Ill Effects!"

25 Health Products You'll Be Glad You Don't See Today

SANITIZED TAPE WORMS: extreme weight loss method from the early Century. It’s fine, 'they’re easy to swallow', sez the ad!

101 Things To Make With Human Skin

101 Things to Make with Human Skin. [Comic Book Jackets] by Crawford, Roger ;: Toledo, Ohio : Leister Game Co.

now this is a first , most the women i know want to loose 10 to 20 lbs.....lol

If men hate the sight of you, there is help available. Oh how times have changed.

classic reading

With titles like My First Little Boob Job and Daddy Hopes He Has Enough Rope in the Trunk, these incredibly warped children’s books dreamed up by illustrator Bob Staake aren’t for sensi…

It sounds about right then // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - am not Native American, but I love this because racism in all forms needs to STOP in this country!

Lol fake childrens books

The Berenstain Bears and No Guns Allowed by [Berenstain, Stan, Berenstain, Jan]

Insecticide And Deodorant all in one. Quick Death ''It does exactly what it says on the tin'' . (Victorian era)

Quick Death Insecticide And Deodorant Victorian (Bottles) at Teardrop Memories


Jokes for the heart.: My doctor said the best thing for my heart is to be joyful. So, I thought a good place to start was to open a topping of Jokes for

A long sad life of Manual Labor the only thing you'll ever be good for ~ inappropriately bad children's book covers

15 Inappropriate Bad Children's Books Ya Have to Read

Really bad titles for kid's books! Did your read any of these classics in school? Funny, these horrible WTF's should not be!

14 Of The WORST Children's Books EVER!