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Yes this happens to me all the time!

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you are trying to explain a song but don't want to sing it.

I hate it when this happens

That annoying moment when my parents rush me to get ready and then when Im ready theyre not.so relateable

All the time!!! Anyone else??

That awkward moment when there's a hair in your mouth and you can't find it so you're just grabbing your tongue. in public- it happens all the time

You forgot the part where you have to use pliers to pull the zipper up...scumbag skinny jeans.

How to actually put on skinny jeans: You don't. You don't wear skinny jeans.

Funny comment

Not excited and totally over it

im not a teenager but this is sooooo me!!!!!---> ikr!? I realize how similar I am to most teenagers and I've got about 2 years until

Teenager Post It may look like I'm having really deep thoughts but of the time I'm just thinking about what food I'm going to eat later.

It's truly a gift.

Teenager Post who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted. So true.

Teenager Posts Of The Week: The 5 Types Of Fear

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

This is so true! My father and I wanted to watch the season of The Walking Dead, but we hadn't finished the last 4 seasons. So we decided to watch all of them in 3 days, Then 1 episode a week, it felt like forever.

"so what exactly do you think he meant when he uses the pattern of the number 3 and the color white?"

english teachers put more thought into the novel than the actual author did! so true! my ELA teacher asks questions like "why do you think the author wrote this book?

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Teenager Post I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.

Haha  Leave it to me and mckayla

Having those weird conversations with your friend and thinking if anyone heard us, we would be put in a mental hospital. Best kind of friend!

Hold sh*t I've been out of high school for 7 years?!   Side note I don't think teenagers remember much of years 7-10 just sayin'

Teenager Post I see 2007 and think "oh 3 years ago" and then it hits me that it was like 7 years ago now.