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Way too soon.....they were my three favorites <3 Love and miss you Finnick, I hope you find Annie where ever you are at. :'(

If I don't reread it it isnt true. Too soon to face it. Rue and Finnick,and Prim as third favorite.

Haha so true!!!!!!!

And when someone says the end of the Catching Fire movie was so confusing because they didn't read the books. All logical reasons basically. Okay so I agree with the firsy and third but Gale loves Katniss more!

i believe they mispronounced book

I haven't ever heard anyone say this actually. I guess I just have awesome friends with awesome tastes!<< You are lucky, I had a friend who hate Hunger Games. She is not my friend anymore.

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The beauty and the beast . >I think in Peeta is the beauty, so kind and handsome!

I'll love you Peeta. Gale, just walk away. Oh, FINNICK, come here, I have a giant bucket of sugar cubes IF you give me a kiss. Deal?

Hunger Games Men>>>> did anyone else read it and thinks Finnicks says "he wants to be a sugar cube

You sit on a throne of lies!

you sit on a throne of lies Katniss! Hunger games and Elf crossover