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Why is it so easy to memorize song lyrics and so hard to remember all the stuff you need to know for a test?--> I just had an exam today and was thinking the exact same thing (after I finished writing and had nothing to do).

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That's like smiling when you're mad at someone both ruin the moment.

I think everyone does this

My little story When I have a new calendar, I flip to my birth month to see if I got a good picture. So true! I do this every time!

I Swear this is so true

what's your emergency cashier:This girl showed me 20 items that costs 10 cents and she said she was going to steal it. dispatcher:we'll have a patrol officer there tomorrow Cashier: >_<

I've done this

LOL funny true true story humor school class i can relate so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes so relatable.or now when at work talking to the smartest person in the work (yes you know the one)

I had to read this a couple of times in order to actually understand this

Who else read this and understood first try? Don't lie or I'll slap u across the Internet face with a sword of mercy

I smile at old people and they look at me scared or they look disgusted. I do small things for them like open a door or something and they make a snarky remark or ignore me like I'm not there and didn't do it

So true and if u have your hood up they look at u like she is such a teenage thug