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Hurricane Sandy

Love a Spongebob reference.I can't believe I hadn't connected Sandy the Squirrel and Sandy the Hurricane.

spongebob memes - Google Search

HURRICANE SANDY MON AM SAT AM FRI HIM BIN. To all the idiots that said, say, and will say (as they always do say on content like this) "durr I live in , why r u p hurricane sandy cheeks spongebob SquarePants dirty dan pinhead larry

spongebob memes | funny tumblr post

Don't order pizza in the middle of a hurricane. Learn, from the lessons of the sponge named Bob.-_-' his names SPONGEbob

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy this is so bad. Koujak Vera I know I shouldn't laugh but it's hilarious!

Starfish on a beach in Maine

classic social work story: An old man walked across the beach until he came across a young boy throwing something into the breaking waves. Upon closer inspection, the old man could see thatthousands of miles of beach and millions .