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Another gorgeous gun from a #wellarmedwoman!

Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

I would kill to have a pistol as detailed as this one

2006 CCA "Louisville Gun" Engraved by Mike Dubber. It won 2009 FEGA Best Engraved Hand Gun The detailing is amazing! Love the horses

A shop in Texarkana, Texas, has been making fans on social media for the unique coating system it utilizes to adorn firearms with custom designs.

Texarkana company's custom-designed firearms turn heads

Not just a list of pink guns! Learn why one woman instructor/pro shooter thinks these are the best handguns for new and not-so-new women shooters.

7 Best Handguns for Women [2018 Ultimate Guide]

Lots of pink guns. I believe in carrying concealed weapons. I believe ALL guns should be pink, little, and cute, and should be issued to all women. That will make the bad guys feel silly carrying them. And think twice about hurting women.

Ammo and Gun Collector

Bullets Precisely Split in Half (photographer: Sabine Pearlman) We are one evil species. Seems like all we are good at is coming up with more affective ways to kill or maim each other :(

I will happily take one of these

Was gonna 'FIRE' this off as an email to a 'close friend ' to reassure I've had a vasectomy so no pregnancy issue to worry about ,as I 'FIRE BLANKS' so was one worry less for both of us ‼️🔫

Zombie Apocalypse Weapons- Not sure I want to get close enough to one in order to use this:)

Actual weapon from Definitely looks steampunk. this is awesome and i want it


That door you just kicked in was locked for your protection, not mine." Totally want to hang this up across from the front door.

A gun is considered a fashion accessory in some states... And I agree! These are nice choices.

Norman - check out hello kitty Purse Pistols.what every woman should have!

F-1 Firearms

Can't tell if this is an or but I soooo want this gun!

Cerakote Coatings: Custom Mix of Ridgeway Blue, Zombie Green, School Bus Yellow with Bright White and Graphite Black