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This is one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems. It's beautiful, inspiring, and truthful. Just wonderful. Emily Dickinson Poem If I can stop one heart by Riverwaystudios

Langston Hughes

Typewriter Poem The Dream Keeper + Portrait Langston Hughes Original Life Poem Poetry Old Style Typewriting

My demons though quiet, are never quite silenced. Calm as they may be, they wait patiently for a reason to wake, take an overdue breath, and crawl back to my ear and make me feel everything I want to leave behind again and again.

no one warns little girls how boys with such pretty eyes who smell like smoke, who tastes like rain, who talk like silver, are reasons behind tear soaked pillows, half finished poems and so many sad dreams - nikita gill

The Girl She Was | Lang Leav

Every heartbreaker (lover, friend, or family. Heartbreak changes people or maybe our souls slowly fade to escape any chance of future pain.



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“We build castles with our fears and sleep in them like kings and queens.” — Christopher Poindexter, The Blooming of Madness 139

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