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35 Sleeping Puppies Who Physically Can't Handle Their Own Cuteness


Obama Administration Says Long Standing Halloween Tradition Leads to Climate Change ⋆ US Herald

Pug squash

This pug who had to endure a three-hour car ride with his brother.

And I thought we got a bit excited about a bit of sun in the UK? …………. pic.twitter.com/GusinlnGu5too cute www.mydoterra.com/resprbytricia

Paul Charlton on

"Spring is Here, So I wet my plants"! Creative and fun advertising in the spring for Landscape and Gardening businesses.

Halloween costume idea

It's mosquito season! Be sure to have your pet started on Heartworm prevention (monthly pills) if they aren't already. Don't listen to this "mosquito" - call your vet (or give me a call, I can come to your house).

I love a good pun. A visual pun makes me super happy.

The last pinner said: "Dry Humor is fun." I agree, though puns add something to the mix themselves. (I wish I could think of a pun that went with scotch, dryness, or mixtures.

Tokyo rain, model, clear umbrella

rain, rain, rain..

Hmmm Sunshine, blue skies, please go away. With him went my future, my life is filled with gloom.

25 Hilarious Tumblr Photo Comments | SMOSH

Shoes Made of Bread - loafers I am laughing way harder than I should be!

Scooter Pie ponders the meaning of life... Photo:  Lisa Lamprich

Scooter Pie ponders the meaning of life.

Twinkie the bulldog and Scooter Pie the pug  Photo by Julie Farin

Twinkie the bulldog and Scooter Pie the pug Photo by Julie Farin