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This is like the Child's big sister XD or genderbent. OMG I WOULD DIE IF SOME MADE A GENDERBENT DOCTOR WHO CHARACTERS

nice Ariel Wydnie wearing a gas mask in the later volume. Sort of tells the story, do.

Medici (Masky) is 17 and has never shown his face to anyone. He's very secretive, but hopes to find a family that will help him unlock the secrets of his past and find the courage to reveal his face to the world. He rarely talks, but when he does, it's very quiet.

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Character inspiration, stock for "Then We See"

Tameki is a kick-ass fighter. The only thing he gives a damb about is Ashitsu, his little sis and Marco, the girl he loves. Human or hybryd is the real question.

gas masks

Poison Gas London: Union of Democratic Control, 1935 Photo: Brett Holman

Yeah it's messed up. But this is what happens when adults can't play nice. Greedy rednecks.

Doctor Who. To non-Whovians, this is just a weird picture. To Whovians, this is the most flipping terrifying thing ever. Besides angel statues.