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Hexapods include insects and springtails.

Hexapods, the Six-Legged Arthropods

Hexapods are a diverse group of six-legged arthropods, including insects.

This butterfly belongs to the hexapods, the most diverse of all the arthropod groups.

10 Facts About Arthropods

Arthropods--which include insects, spiders, and crustaceans--are by far the most common animals on earth. Here's a slideshow of 10 essential arthropod facts.

Dragonfly Art, Dragonflies, Dragon Flies, Dragonfly Cake

Sleeping damselfly

Damselfly - the male damselfly has an interesting way to let the female damselfly know whose young she should have. With their backward pointing spine penis he scoops up the sperm of the previous male and deposits his own.

# Five Bar Swordtail Butterfly

Five Bar Swordtail Butterfly, Graphium antiphates, South Asia and South-east Asia


Pink Dragonfly Insects of Trinidad and Tobago,dragonfly. Night shot,he was holding on to the bud of a hibiscus plant.

A mantis on a flower. Mantises seem to be a favorite of photographers...they are strangely varied and beautiful...(the mantises not the photographers) ( well, maybe the photographers, too.)

Praying Mantis- a protected species and a very valuable insect for gardeners. A mantis will eat more pests than any other predator insect.

Dragonfly #pretty

Dragonfly #pretty

I've seen this on our Farm, Beautiful   :-)

A pink and purple dragonfly, one of the hundreds of species of this delicate bug.

Взаимоотношения насекомых в макрофотографии Нордина Серайана

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