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A charming video has surfaced in Brazil of a tiny frog perched on top of the head of a bulldog, pictured. The amphibian is later shown nonchalantly waltzing down the face of the chilled-out pooch.



Cutest ever!!

What's better than a picture of a cute animal? A picture of a cute animal holding another cute animal! In these pictures, the awww factor is doubled by adorable animals striking a pose with one another in often unexpected ways.

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Lion, Animals, Leo, Animales, Animaux, Lions, Animal, Animais

WELCOME TO ANIMAL PLANET 09: Best Tigers List- The Many Colours Of Bangals

The world never stops amazing me. Left to right: Liger, Bengal Tiger, Tigon, Siberian Tiger.

Perritos del perro de aguas de cocker Foto de archivo libre de regalías

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In 10 Of Largest Countries

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диета и упражнения для ляшек

диета и упражнения для ляшек

Animals, Animales, Animaux, Animal, Animais

Tree Kangaroo

Tree-Kangaroos are macropods (Marsupials including kangaroos and wallabees) found in New Guinea, Queensland and nearby islands who have adapted to spending most of their lives in trees with stronger forelimbs and longer tails .

Winter Love - White tigers at Feline Park, France. By [Deadboxrunner] white tiger love

A.B. is a Cool guy but not very fond of people.

is a Cool guy but not very fond of people.

Getting along with each other is not as hard as it looks

BLT are no more: Leo the lion, who grew up with a tiger and bear for brothers after being rescued 15 years ago from a drug dealer, passes away

The New Favorite Charities of Animal Lovers

a fragile six-week-old piglet fell off the back of a transport truck in South Dakota in mid-July, no one noticed, no one cared, and no one went back for her —