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one direction!

Those r my boys :)

I do. I get really defensive and bring up things they've done and the person I'm talking to is just like--->. Then I'm like Uhm this isn't working. I ATTEMPT to stand up for them a lot but... Idk how well that works

Serious though, I go Ghetto Crazy Mofo

IM NOT READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!( P.s its gonna be my 1 year Fangirl anniversary on August 19th!!!!!!! Anyone elses coming up?) ~Sierra

Anybody else have tears streaming down their face?

Dear One Direction,Justin Bieber,Jc Caylen,Sam Pottorff,Kian Lawley,Ed Sheeran and many many more :3

Dear One Direction,Justin Bieber,Jc Caylen,Sam Pottorff,Kian Lawley

True tht!!!! Tht would be kinda stupid to send myself hate!!

hahahahahahaha so true.

honestly, the way he just like pulls up his sweatshirt over his face, im just like let me love you

One direction + Gossip Girl.

One direction + Gossip Girl=perfect

Live While We're Young - One Direction

Live While Were Young Lyric Drawing by samonstage on Etsy,

One Direction, 1D, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Hazza, Harreh, Harold, Nialler, DJ Malik, Lou, Tommo .xx

Liam is the main reason I'm single. Nobody Compares to him!

Stay Cool Niall!   Harry omg what do your tattos even mean, like most of them are highly confusing to us directioners and sometimes they might seem pointless.  Zayn, i mean i guess they're cool...  Louis, please dont go crazy and get a ton.  Liam, Please just stop there.  Sincerely, every direction in the world. <3

im glad he doesnt he does need one hes the little snowflake

I died. haha. ( The picture from the trailer killed me! It was my favorite part!! Well that, & the part with zayn's mum )

I just want to say that I love the fact that Harry's reading a Japanese newspaper(: haha

*niall falls* Harry:(laughing) Did you get that on camera?? Louis:(laughing) Pleeeease tell me you got that on camera....

*niall falls* Harry:(laughing) Did you get that on camera? Louis:(laughing) Pleeeease tell me you got that on camera.

HahahhHahahHahaahhahaha x

Why is it a sp-sp-sp-spoon? It should be a fork.


A note from Harry and Niall! Haha harry only writes one r for his signature its the little things that make them so pefect ---> You all Directioners think she has a bad relationship with Harry. Well, look at this, lovelies :)

Hey guys I'm gonna start making imagines and fake texts so send me a request Thanx Love Ya Byezzzzzzzz

Their full names, I love how Liam and Niall have the same middle name.

Of what I have heard Ant Farm is a Disney Channel show.. Oh Harry, I love you.

Our little cupcake watches Disney Channel y'all ♡