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Drive-Thru. Creative Direction/ Art Direction: Jeff McLean. Photography: Don Hammond. Production Manager: Linda Cirka. Ad Agency: Palmer Jarvis DDB. Client: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

Photography: Don Hammond. Client: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

Wall 1.

To promote McDonald's breakfast menu, the company erected a working sundial outside Wrigley Field in Chicago highlighting the restaurant's breakfast menu.

To remind the public that the cider is 100% not from concentrate, DB Breweries and Colenso BBDO put real apple tree twigs into Monteith’s cider boxes. Within a week, New Zealanders were asking for an explanation via facebook, radio and the Monteith’s call centre. After two weeks, Monteith’s apologised for the mistake through PR, press, patched billboards and on-pack stickers. Every apology spread the simple message: the fruit in Monteith’s cider comes from a tree, not a can.

Monteith’s Crushed Cider, the New Zealand cider owned by DB Breweries, is made from whole sun-ripened Nelson apples or pears, ruthlessly crushed to retain their natural flavour. To remind the public.

O #McDonald’s na Suécia, em parceria com a agência de publicidade #DDB de Estocolmo, criou um projecto único de incentivo...

McDonald’s da Suécia aceita latinhas como pagamento

McDonald's Sweden Accepts Recycled Cans as Currency - Print (image) - Creativity Online What if there was a beer that when I’d finished it I could exchange the waste for something else

Quick draw wins pictionary  Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia

The agency Ogilvy Malaysia had the excellent idea to think this series of advertising posters for the play Pictionary. Around the concept of the “Quick Wins Draw”, the visual ones show the superiority of the effectiveness of a clear drawing on the style.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

20 More Clever Guerrilla Advertising Examples

“Real red apples were placed on the heads of the statues in the most crowded areas in Bratislava. On the apples, a sticker invited people to visit sslk.sk, the archery club’s website.

Read more: https://www.luerzersarchive.com/en/magazine/print-detail/energizer-johannesburg-40859.html Energizer, Johannesburg Tags: Clive Stewart Photography, Johannesburg,Gareth Lessing,DDB South Africa, Johannesburg,Energizer, Johannesburg,Julie Maunder,Kenneth van Reenen

Energizer Lithium Batteries: Paint - another cute battery add! A nice brown dog is better than white, don't you think

The power of words | Scrabble

Scrabble: Cat-erpillar Ad by Twiga, Kiev, Ukraine. Campaign Title: The Power Of Words.

Huggies: Tired Animals | Ads of the World™

Huggies OverNites Tired Animals Ad by Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, USA. If baby doesn’t sleep, no one sleeps.

#Emotional #Branding #Advertising

A nice reversal on anti-aging beauty marketing.

Ecover Detergent: Wash Ecologically.   Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby Werbung, Germany

Ecover Detergent: Wash Ecologically. Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby Werbung, Germany

Street Advertisement

Clever Ads Billboard You fart a balloon's worth of gas every day, lol!