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Epson has introduced the new Virtual Reality glasses The Moverio BT-200 which is a a android based VR system, with being transparent and having 3d capabilities .

The Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Epson Moverio is Available : Daily Technologies

Lumus transparent lenses display a virtual 87-inch screen, while allowing you to see what's going on in front of you

Lumus transparent lenses display a virtual screen while allowing you to see what's going on in front of you

Virtual reality glasses Carl Zeiss Cinemizer

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Sensics Smart Goggles - virtual reality helmets

Sensics Smart Goggles put your head in the game (hands-on pictures and video)

Pepcom's the perfect place to find things you might not hear about otherwise — like Sensics' Smart Goggles, which we got a chance to play with tonight. The Smart Goggles are basically an insanely.

Samsung presentó nuevos productos - http://www.tecnogaming.com/2014/09/samsung-presento-nuevos-productos/

Samsung Unveils its Oculus-Powered Gear VR: Powered by Rift-maker Oculus is Samsung's entry into the world of virtual reality: the Gear VR headset. The culmination of 12 months of collaboration,.

ODG R-7 AR Glasses

OTOY is teaming up with ODG to bring the best Augmented / Mixed Reality headset to market. Looking at their current headset, they might have a point.