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Lavinia)) I walk nervously through the hallway, carrying a plate of cream puffs in my hand. The other hand twirls my hair nervously. I reach your room and stand outside.

Many children were in a los angeles hospital and born on the same day as an electromagnetic machine was tested. This gave them electric powers, but also killed 42 other children in the hospital.

Cecelia clibmed the stairway, approaching the door with carefull hesitance. This had been her home once. This place of vile intent, this festoon of darkness, it was her love once. The doorway was rotting and rusted as she placed her hand against it, and it was cold to the touch. She drug her hand, pale in the moonlight, across the carvings of an oak tree intwing a crow within its branches. The image was her family crest, before the split, before the curse.

My heart is a damned place, pulling at my own seams to discover what it means to be human.