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Gloria Steinem first rose to prominence in America as a writer and activist in the 1960s fighting for gender equality and women's rights. In 1972 she co-founded Ms Magazine. Today she works in the US and internationally with organisations such as Equality Now, but how much of what she fought for has been achieved?

The activist and author, Gloria Steinem, says why women's rights still have a way to go.

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fuck all the sexist shit those motherfuckers say. be as feminine and as masculine as you want to be, boy/girl/both/neither.


sorry but these are lies the very word "feminism" says it all if if I said maleist you feminist would go spare it's only when I suits you. If you believe these statements then you're a peoplist.

Feminism is worthless without intersectionality and inclusion!

"Feminism is worthless without intersectionality and inclusion." ----- It's important to include ALL women in feminism. The point of equality is that EVERYONE is equal, not just white women and men.

histoire des grandes femmes

I truly do hope that a women's history month becomes a thing. So maybe just maybe those who don't see just what we've done can respect us rather than casting us aside in the history books and in life now.


These beautiful feminist posters are seriously gorgeous and so empowering. - -My Feminist organization

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"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own." Audre Lorde ~ reminds me of the song "none of us are free when one of us is chained, none of us are free.

Stop labelling women!

Stop Labelling Women. In fact, stop labelling people in general.