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Burj Al Arab, Dubai, Endless amount of space to be used up for massive giant international events and it's perfect for its location.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At 321 m ft), it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world.

Детский сад в виде кота

The coolest kindergarten ever! This cat shaped kindergarten is located in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Why couldn't my childhood include a cat shaped kindergarten? This is so cool :)

Moon Tower, Dubai✖️FOSTERGINGER AT PINTEREST ✖️ 感謝 / 谢谢 / Teşekkürler / благодаря / BEDANKT / VIELEN DANK / GRACIAS / THANKS : TO MY 10,000 FOLLOWERS✖️

This Crescent Moon Tower boasts a down-turned half moon on the banks of the Caspian Sea. It is designed to accommodate a children’s library, a conference facility, a restaurant, multiple cafes, and an open-air observation platform.

Built by Studio Gang Architects in Chicago, United States with date 2009. Images by Studio Gang Architects. The skyline of Chicago can be seen as the timeline of skyscraper history, which started in 1885 with the Home Insuran...

Aqua Tower / Studio Gang

Helicopter Deliver an Aston Martin on Top of Dubai's Famous Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj-Al-Arab Hotel, Dubai. A Client demand for Aston Martin Vanquish fulfilled by Burl-al-Arab Administration hence proving the services of the hotel as the only 7 Star in Existence on Planet Earth.

The 340 meter long Skypark, sitting 60 stories high on three Marina Bay Sands Singapore hotel towers. The rooftop strip is regarded as one of the world’s largest cantilevers.

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Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel, Singapore That structure at the top even includes a infinity pool. Visited but didn't get to go up top.

Дубай - город парадоксов и контрастов. 27 причудливых кадров, которые можно запечатлеть только здесь!

Dubai is a rare gem in this world that clashes Western culture with Middle Eastern tradition. In oil was discovered and we know how that goes. As a result, Dubai rapidly rose to high economic .