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The “Red Duster” (or “Red Ensign”) was the flag, used from the Century onwards, flown by British Merchant Seamen.

Progression en milieu hostile pour ces soldats de la Wehrmacht.

Germany's war tactic in World War II continued to be blitzkrieg, which is quick, effective, and intense military campaign intended to bring about multiple victories. This photo shows this military tactic by the Germans.

Merchant Navy, 1940s - original vintage poster listed on AntikBar.co.uk

BRITISH WW II Original vintage poster: Merchant Navy - If this man lets the bearings run hot you may lose 8000 tons of ore.

Encouragement to donate paper, metal & bones because "they make planes, guns, tanks, ships & ammunition".

British World War Two propaganda artworks released on Wikipedia

"Salvage Up Housewives and at em - put out your paper, metal, bones Artist Yates-Wilson" from War Art in The National Archives (UK)

The Balkan Campaign of World War II began with the Italian invasion of Greece on 28 October 1940. In the early months of 1941, Italy's offensive had been stalled and a Greek counter-offensive pushed into Albania. Germany sought, by deploying troops to Romania and Bulgaria, to aid Italy by attacking Greece from the east; while the British landed troops and aircraft to shore up Greek defences. A coup d'état in Yugoslavia on 27 March caused Hitler to order the conquest of that country.

The Wehrmacht on parade after after its victorious Balkans campaign 1941 01

#propagande anti-japonaise #jetudielacom

Japanese Propaganda - U. are really up to vengeance that they don't want to save his face. The poster sums up everything.

DEC 9 1942 Embarking on a troopship – destination unknown - See more at: http://ww2today.com/9th-december-1942-embarking-on-a-troopship-destination-unknown# Troopship poster

The UK relied heavily on food imports for survival, and the Battle of the Atlantic took a heavy toll on shipping. It was vital not to discuss ship movements.

Newsweek September 14 1942

Newsweek September 14 1942

"Yank and Tank: The Battle of Egypt Beckoned", on the cover of Newsweek (September Note the Thompson submachine gun with a drum magazine.

Interesting WWII British Propaganda poster against the Japanese. Not many tanks were used by the British against the Japanese...

Interesting WWII British Propaganda poster against the Japanese.