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¿Qué son los Desarrollos Urbanos Integrales Sustentables (DUIS)?

Tianjin Eco City by Surbana Urban Planning Group, to serve as a model for future developing Chinese cities; the city is being built just 10 minutes away from the business parks at the Tianjin Economic-Development Area

City in the sky - concept architecture by Tsvetan Toshkov, via Behance

City in the Sky: Futuristic Flower Towers Soar Above Modern Metropolises megatropolis city in the sky hrama – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


WIND POWER GREEN HOUSES We must move forward with wind, wave, solar, tidal and geothermal energy. It is clean, free and in abundance. Geothermal energy alone could provide power everywhere for everyone.

Inspiration for Ahallem.

Vertical farming Does it really stack up? Agriculture: Growing crops in vertical farms in the heart of cities is said to be a greener way to produce food. But the idea is still unproven

Light blue and white cathedral

Jamek Mosque in MALAYSIA. KUALA LUMPUR + all other beautifull mosques in Malaysia. Dome of Jamek Mosque - a beautiful mosque surrounded by the city . designs by their signature of onion shaped domes, spires, domed shaped canopies

Vertical garden in Spain.  - I heard they want to do this in Portland,OR so it shades in the summer... and when the plants die in the winter it lets in light.... saves energy!

A Six-Story Vertical Garden in Southern Spain

New Green Wall / Jose Maria Chofre ~ Six-Story Vertical garden on the side of a children's library in San Vicente, Eastern Spain

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John Berkey is famous for doing concept design for the original Star Wars movie, including a breathtaking poster of the Death Star. When he wasn't imagining space battles, he designed cities of the future - on Earth and in space.

Browse inspirational selections of amazing architecture here. - Visit: TheEndearingDesigner.com

10 BOOK Furniture Design Pieces Every Bookworm Should Have

Luxury Villa Mahina in Kawau Island, New Zealand. The dream house “Mahina” (means moon) was designed by “Weber Consulting” and as its name suggests, has the form of a crescent.

Sou Fujimoto Proposes “Mirage-Like” Landmark for Middle East

Gallery of Sou Fujimoto Proposes "Mirage-Like" Landmark for Middle East - 3

sou fujimoto: outlook tower and water plaza are part of a confidential master plan project that include multiple transparent towers

landscape architecture + urban design Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan


It's like a modern whoville! landscape architecture + urban design Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan. cities can be green spaces. I absolutely love this reinvention of the modern city!


Underground ecological city in abandoned mine The Russian architect agency Alice.ru plans to build an underground ecological city in an abandoned mine in Siberia. Underground cities might be the cities of the future especially in colder areas.

max future architectural futuristic - Future City HD by Giimann

Future City HD Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.