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Good theme, considering we're wanting to do a ton more stories. Would also work for a notebook idea! -Brady

COVER IDEA theme- students tell little stories of something funny that happened that school year, ot during their time at SHS

yearbook marketing - Snapchat mural

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Be Positive Nice Brave Loving Honest…..with Modern typography Print by Lab No. 4

Be Positive Nice Brave Loving Honest…..with Modern typography Print by Lab No. 4

Theme: Watercolour Yearbook Cover Idea and Theme

Bottom yearbook cover, to keep it personalized. Very original Design - Layout,Yearbook,

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[Hilltopper, Madison County High School, Danielsville, GA] Have a larger tree.but like fonts and dividers.maybe school colors of blue and grey.

Grow yearbook theme with great coverage and a mosaic tree cover

This is an example of a theme for a yearbook that has to do with earth/nature and each page is well balanced with a negative background.

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I like the cover page& association with the theme itself. It gives more human and personal touches with the squares being imperfect with dirty outlines. The design overall is aesthetically pleasing because it is simple.

Cover idea

Nice idea for the cover, i like the faded out crowd shout like at a pep rally with three main pictures and the font

Sweet treat with yearbook purchase \ Alief Hastings High School

Marketing- To get people to buy the yearbooks, we could announce that with every purchase of a yearbook, they get a piece of candy. We could also say that the first 100 people to buy their yearbook would get a bigger prize to encourage them.