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Truth!  Nurse humor.

Hahahaha Michelle remember the one time I said this when I was a med student working the night shift at Lankenau L&D? The other nurses shot me daggers with their eyes! Now I'm a total freak about tips food health naturally

Hospital Humor

My first time I cut my finger on the glass and bled on my scrubs and tried to hide it from my instructor.

Confessions of a Nurse. I'm T-6months until my first clinical and it's already begun.

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.

Too true!

I would change it to "people who act stupidly.every job, every interaction with other is a big opportunity to practice patience.

This literally happened to me once when I worked in the ICU. This particular rude, nasty patient had what was coming to him!!!

Is there anything worse than having an annoying patient in the next bed to you whilst you try and rest after an op?

Guilty of this

Be prepared to never be able to watch TV again. I drove my parents crazy, still do, and have been banned from watching TV with them when anything medical is going on.

A lot worse

I'm just a student, but I know I've seen worse. Yet even worse will come.

@ tabitha Beanland how funny is this- facker! :)))

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