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It's even funnier when my dog come running down the stairs but realizes that there is no traction on the hardwood floor, so she goes sliding through the kitchen and then we all hear a thump on the dining room wall.

As a kid, we could be entertained for along time with the help of biscuits tied to our dogs tail.

Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 35 Pics

Cat with cones on its' ears: What can I say? My owner is easily amused. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Haha but it's so cute!

Here are some incredibly adorable baby animal pictures that will warm the coldest of hearts.

I think this is what Tasuki is doing when she does the very loud meow. Please excuse the language...

What do Cats Eat for Good Health?

Cats that get easily amused. Definately seen these looks in my cat(s)

Texts from my dog…

Texts from my dog…

Funny pictures about Texts from my dog. Oh, and cool pics about Texts from my dog. Also, Texts from my dog.