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Love no matter what

Love is take care of each other even when we are upset!

When you have to teach yourself a subject because your teacher is useless

Just 100 Hilarious Memes For Anyone Who's Gone To University

Chiste de Brocoli http://spanishplans.org/chistes/chisfotos/                                                                                                                                                     Más

20 Chistes que son tan malos que te darán risa

Funny pictures about This Dog Has a Nose For Puns. Oh, and cool pics about This Dog Has a Nose For Puns. Also, This Dog Has a Nose For Puns photos.

okay, imma tell y'all a story. So i talk finnish as my native language. finnish word for lips is huulet and i somehow convinced my mind that finnish word for lips is lipset. i don't know why or how, but to still every time i try to talk about lips, i call them lipset instead of huulet. So yeah, that happend..

One time my grandma asked me a question in Panjabi and I answered in French. My first language is English rip

Dylan won't ever get to walk with my dad, but I have no doubt they would have thought each other were 'grand'.....

Poem, "A Walk with Grandpa"~ this made me teary. I miss my grandpa so much, and I wish my dad was this sort of grandpa for my kids. My grandpa was the best grandpa ever.

Perfect Translation

Perfect Translation

Funny pictures about Perfect Translation. Oh, and cool pics about Perfect Translation. Also, Perfect Translation photos.

Vitamin C is Spanish for Vitamin Yes

I laughed harder than I should have at this. xD

my Spanish teacher handed out a copy of this to each person and then told us to study.we had a quiz on what Vitamin C is

MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and weird facts ONLY

WTF-fun-facts : funny & weird facts I need to start using this!

Oh my gosh, Spanish has 20+ verb tenses for every little thing you could possible what to say and I'm not even joking.

I don't know about the rest of them but Spanish and German are true. Also English as it is not my first language. <<<I can confirm that french is accurate.