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I knew it!!!

Personally I don't think that last part is true, like babys and weddings? But there is a good chance that the first part is true.

be careful you little shit

There's our boy! Just popping in to make us smile :)

When he kept referring to Perrie as his missus I was like dying of feels cuz that was the sweetest thing ever and I loved how happy he seemed :)

Aww he sounds so old fashioned it's adorable

"one direction doesn't care about their fans at all" yeah...right...they love us almost as much as we love them<3

This is what we need to remember. Why they started doing this in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if they were questioning this entire thing. Just calm your tits, and enjoy the boys we all know and love.

Josh <3 Oh my gosh is it possible that he got even more attractive look at that hair

even Josh is doing the quiff! << The way it's put here makes it sound like a dance move xD