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"Wire Shoes" by Polly Verity omg i totally "heart" these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wired Heels - Art and fashion often collide, but with these wire shoes by Polly Verity, the collision was intense. These shoes are on the top of the list for un.


Awesome and kind of weird shoes. But fun and unique! 60 Top High Heels To Copy Today – Awesome and kind of weird shoes. But fun and unique!

Fox suede pumps (360 CAD) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring shoes, pumps, heels, fox, suede leather shoes, red valentino pumps, heels & pumps, suede pumps and fox shoes

The Terrier and Lobster: The Daily Bauble: RED Valentino Fox Pumps Maybe make Tas Devil shies for exhibition

Alto sax formed into a shoe....awesome!!

I adore this shoe!Steampunk meets A Saxophone Artist and this is what she would wear!

Saw these in a commercial at LHR in 2010. Apparently you can't buy them, but if they ever decide to make them for sale I'll have to have one :)

Hot Wheels shoes designed by Ronaldo Frago. The perfect shoe for mothers on the go since shoes can double as entertaining toys for small children

Why am I laughing so HARD AT THIS.....AGAIN!!!!!!! I'm so pathetically bored! I need to get out!

The bread loafers are an ideal example of high-end French fashion. Crafted out of real bread, each loafer warms your feet like only a nice and toasty, freshly baked pair of shoes can. The best part is if you get hungry, simply take one off and dig in.

Hammock shoe?  Or maybe something to amuse you while you're in the mental ward.

A gesture to Salvatore Ferragamo Materials: fishing string, silicone string and inox steel. Technique: Weaving, digital planning, laser cutting, welding and polish. The shoes where