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Zombie Apocalypse Shopping List

Zombie Apocalypse Shopping List-needs to be edited to include Short Lane shotgun adapters!


Yup pretending to be a zombie so they don't bite.yeah I would have been bit in the first week of the zombie apocalypse

Very Important Information - more people should follow this advise!

Zombie Emergency Procedure --although I'm disappointed with the whole zombie on fire thing.

What else says come to my party like a tactical chainsaw attachment?



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Making a zombie survival kit for my nephew, but not using sweets. I saved for some of the decorative ideas only

What do you think zombie freaks?

Funny pictures about Amazing zombie survival kit gift box. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing zombie survival kit gift box. Also, Amazing zombie survival kit gift box.


Zombie Apocalypse Grocery List-I pinned this for fun. Read the list, it is sure to remind you to buy your beer, wine, TP the list goes on. Sounds like a regular grocery list with a Zombie painted on it.

Are You A Zombie?

Humor: Squid Bits I recently stumbled across a website entitled Squid Bits. While it is not a pure zombie humor site it does have a LOT of zombie humor (and.

The Zombie Apocalypse Map - Just in case...

The Zombie Apocalypse Map

The Zombie Apocalypse Map - The Frisky

Zombie  survival  eye test

OMG the zombies are coming. / Zombie Eye Chart Collections Series Limited by GardenMansion