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Emerald. 15. Single. Brave and intelligent. Great at the sword and bow and arrow. Abandoned as a young girl. Has a dragon named Flame. Good friends with Violet.(Played by Opalheart).

f Ranger lvl Emerald Dansby 15 twin Single Brave Intelligent Great at sword bow & arrow Abandoned as a young girl. Has a dragon named Flame.(Played by Opalheart).

Melody by on @deviantART

:iconfdasuarez: Melodyby fdasuarez Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / People / Open fdasuarez commission for the sweet.

Every Castle Has Its Secrets by French Photographers David et MyrtilIe on I stare down at all my future subjects of Lunar Eclipse. My kingdom. The problem is.I don't want to rule.

Бель. Арт к книгам Надежды Кузьмины. By Anikeyka.

Phildia Revennedera, oldest daughter at the estate Farethin in the Green giant valley, is happy to see Ekthor Farrender coming through the garden towards her.