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Foto: Filhos de refugiados ACNUR  Refugiados II acampamento, fronteira Tailândia/Camboja.

To past the time a group of chidren adapt a device, usually used for transporting heavy bags of rice, into a pram. Site II Refugee Camp, Thai/ Cambodia border By Pictim

A typical sight on the streets of Pakistan, how many more on a bike is possible?

A typical sight on the streets of Pakistan Collection ßÿ Ĵűĝŋî's Ĵaŋîa

Carrying a heavy burden in China...

Got enough corn? A truck is loaded up on all sides with corn in the ocean-side city of Mogadishu, Somalia on Sept. The capital city of Somalia is also the largest and serves as an important port for trade for centuries.

Louis Vuitton monogrammed trash can

DIY Louis Vuitton wheelie bin // perhaps in response to LV trash bags // anyone know who made this bin?