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Forgive And Forget

True forgiveness brings healing to the mind and can affect the body beneficially to both the giver and receiver. Forgiveness asks for restitution not retribution.

Dear Go Getter, Get it Together. Pick yo'self up and Keep on Keepin On!

The truth // Ira Glass. Calling all writers, artists and creative people. Great inspirational quote to keep going.

Fashion Quotes :    art for the soul.  - #FashionQuotes https://talkfashion.net/fashion-quotes/fashion-quotes-art-for-the-soul/

we do not escape into philosophy psychology and art - we go there to restore our shattered selves into the whole ones! Philosophy is our escape. We got there to learn more and gather more knowledge

Make Beautiful things just because I like too!! Lori, this is so true............ I love it! Patty Girl

Making beautiful things makes me happy! I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.

This is true for all of us, yet we base conclusions on our own life experiences & judge others on what we see (or what we "think" we see, because our perceptions are so often flawed). STOP & consider that what we see, or think we see, might be wrong. & keep our (your) judgmental mouth shut till we (you) really know the person and the situation I (you) think you understand!!

I am not what you see.just because I am fat and overweight doesn't mean that I am lazy and eat nothing but junk all day. In fact it takes me starving myself for me to loose weight. It's a never ending battle.inside and out

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