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EXO - 170823 ‘The War’ merchandise Credit: LucirChen.

Pinterest// jiminsgirll

Pinterest// jiminsgirll

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[pic] Predebut EXO-K Chanyeol ~part 7~

[pic] Predebut EXO-K Chanyeol ~part

[K-POP] EXO Photoshoot

Members of EXO are looking dazzling and showing off their flawless teamwork in recent photos taken during a shoot for luxury brand MCM. On August MCM r

My boys.Cre: the owner/as logo on We Heart It

Thảm đỏ Dream Concert: Dàn mỹ nhân thế hệ mới nâng bậc nhan sắc, dàn mỹ nam cùng biến thành hoàng tử - Ảnh 20.

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Omg They are all so cuteeee! aww boys, thank you for always making all of us happy 😍💖 where's yixing here btw?

Exo's Monster is the second overdose era - saying that bcs so many people joined the fandom just like in 2014 :) #blessed #Monster #Exo

Unholy mother of Cthulhu.I cant even keep my mouth closeDAT Chen, D.O, freking flawless Yixing and bane of my existence Mr.Xiufuckindaddy (brb off to bathe in holy water)