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John Sweeney est un très talentueux illustrateur et concept artist. Il travaille actuellement pour Naughty Dog et a réalisé de nombreux concept art pour le fabuleux jeu The Last of Us sur PlayStation 3. Ses environnements sont incroyablement riches en détails. Une belle maîtrise pour un artiste qui n’a que 25 ans. Découvrez aussi son […]

The Last Of Us : les concept art de John Sweeney

Get ready to be amazed with this definitive collection of more than 85 concept art made for the Last of Us by in particular order, Marek Okon, John Sweene

Since 2010 Christian Gerth has been working closely with digital art as a sideline. This can be either compositions, photo editing or even completely painted images. Often Gerth has an idea or a mental image and wants to bring it on “paper”.

60 Outstanding Digital Matte Paintings

The sunken village by Christian Gerth. This looks so beautiful, mermaid obsessed people will love this

Swale , Pavel Proskurin on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/swale

color: moss green object: water damaged wood emotion: afflicted "Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.


Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Dark Future, Dystopia, Noir, Underpass by *atomhawk on deviantART. Apocalypse in art.

Post-apocalyptic world by Vladimir Manyuhin

Decaying, overgrown and deserted, these nightmarish visions of the future are the eerie brainchild of Russian photographer