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rainbowsandunicornscrafts: “ DIY Kids Halloween or Dress Up Hairstyles from Bee in Our Bonnet here. The upper left one is created by wrapping hair around styrofoam cones and the lower right one is made by wrapping hair around a rollers.

These are actually pretty crazy and interesting hair styles

These are actually pretty crazy and interesting hair styles

Room Mom 101: Dr. Seuss CrAzY Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Day Ideas - Question is, am I open minded enough to do this with my boys hair! We have crazy hair day coming up at daycare!

Crazy Hair Day Kids Hairstyles

These Little Kids' Hairstyles Will Blow Your Mind

A look at the different creative hairstyles from Crazy Hair Day at schools across the country.

These parents take Crazy Hair Day to a whole new level!

Like Halloween, Crazy Hair Day (also known as Wacky Hair Day) is one day a year our kids get to wear their creativity at school.

Add Glow sticks | Community Post: Crazy Hair Day Ideas I'm going even bigger than last year! If we want our kids involved, we need to be! Plus, its super duper fun!

Can't think of something to do with your kid's hair for crazy hair day? Here are several easy-cheesy ideas that will make your kid's hair the

DIY Yarn Wig

halloweencrafts: “ DIY Yarn Wig 4 Ways Tutorial from Dana Made It. Using the base materials of a cap and 1 to 2 skeins of yarn, make a DIY Yarn Wig with endless possibilites for customization.

crazy hair ideas - Google zoeken

Seuss Hair/Crazy Hair Pigtails for Girls Hairstyles ---This is a fun and easy crazy hairstyle to wear to school for Seuss week or a crazy hair day.