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Chao Island - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Second Evolution

Sonic Adventure 2... 16 year old me thought this was just so sad. HAHAHA!

This picture reminds me of when of when shadow died in sonic X and sonic adventure I cried my heart out.

I can't show off the first Sonic Adventure without giving credit to another one of my FAVORITE Dreamcast games..  Sonic 2 was also on the Gamecube (which I played it on more because of the better multilayer)  But it's story, AMAZING SOUNDTRACK.. (City Escape.. Enough said.. )  Never will leave my mind.

Sonic Adventure 2 - This game is not without it's faults (wonky camera, crappy platforming) but it's still a great Sonic game.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle  I played this all the time as a child. I still love it to this day!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)

Title: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Nintendo GameCube, UPC: 010086610079 Condition: Pre-owned. Included: Game Disc, Game Ca


Sonic Adventure<<I envy people that can draw so professionally and then derp them in any way possible << It was so beautiful though XD

Shadow Adventure | Sonic Adventure 2 HD PS3 Trophy List Revealed, Including Battle DLC ...

My alltime favorite Sonic game: Sonic Adventure Battle 2