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Stephen Nagy Helena, MT, USA Specimen: Exhibition Diatom Arrangement by Klaus Kemp, 471 Forms Technique: Darkfield with Polarized Light

Diatoms arranged and dyed under the microscope to create this photograph; created by Klaus Kemp, a micromanipulator. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Diatoms: Image of a Exhibition-Diatom' [in Darkfield, Phase Annulus Plan Objective]; an arrangement by master diatomist Klaus Kemp of the United Kingdom.

arranged Diatoms- microphotography

Meet the last known practitioner of a centuries-old art form: arranging single-celled algae called diatoms into intricate arrangements.

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Phytoplankton survival clouded by dust particles

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Argonne National Laboratory, Diatoms

These microscopic creatures make a good chunk of the plankton in the Ocean. As seen on Psychedelic Diatoms, Deep Blue Home

Licmophora Diatoms (by Wim van Egmond).  Individuals within the genus grow from a common stalk, often attached to algae, rocks, or other substrates. When the organisms are particularly abundant on surfaces, they appear like short, yellow fuzz to the naked eye. It is only under the lens of a microscope that the splendor of the branching, colonial diatoms materializes.

The current featured Molecular Expressions Featured Microscopist is noted photomicrographer Wim van Egmond. This page features an image of beautiful fan-shaped diatoms from the genus Licmophora.

Diatoms are microscopic algae. They inhabit fresh and salt waters and are among the most abundant of all phytoplankton. An example of diatom art—practiced since Victorian times—of arranging diatoms pleasingly. Thanks, freaky Victorians!

Artistic microscope slides produced in the Victorian era by arranging hundreds of tiny diatoms into intricate patterns, often moved by a single hair.


Botanica Magnifica is the photography portfolio of Jonathan Singer. Some of his work focusses on photographing endangered flowers.