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The Dance Moves | 15 Definitive Reasons Why We Couldn't Turn Off The TV In The '90s

15 Definitive Reasons Why We Couldn't Turn Off The TV In The '90s

Fresh Prince Bel-Air TV Show, Actor Alfonso Ribeiro in show was Carlton Banks rich dad, Best Dancing Gif Ever!


Accept that years were wasted on an alcoholic. Accept that you were married to a man who was in denial. Let go of the abuse you took from an alcoholic. Let go of the man who chose drinking over his children and wife. Have faith in what will be.

no way, this is too funny. a little kid watching commercials discovers "A Reptile Dysfunction", a disease that affects dinosaurs. So cute! And, why are those commercials on all the time anyway?

A Reptile Dysfunction…

Funny pictures about A Reptile Dysfunction. Oh, and cool pics about A Reptile Dysfunction. Also, A Reptile Dysfunction.

For me "and I'm not even 30 yet!" Cuz just turned 26, but still it's crazy!

Aside from the multiple spelling errors and the fact that I am this post presents an interesting perspective on our young lives.

Muy chingona...

Too funny! Hey, just one of the reasons you have nalgas. Dedicated to all the chingonas in the world.be proud sistas'