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B3greattit.jpg (JPEG Image, 173 × 170 pixels)

B3greattit.jpg (JPEG Image, 173 × 170 pixels)

Бесплатные обнимашки...

My favorite "animal" giving free hugs! I want one - meaning a penguin AND at least one hug.

Baby deer probably named Bambi because I'm cool :)

We can't wait for our Spring/Summer Tracks Walks in God's Nature and to see our Deer Friends again!


Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate Kodiak Bear Hunt (he stands over the bear he killed for sport)

A huge humpback whale leaps out of the water in an amazing display of strength and agility.

Amazing flying Humpback Whale

I believe I can fly.Huge humpback whale waves at tourist boat as it leaps from the ocean.

Killer whale in blue water

Picture of Killer whale in blue water stock photo, images and stock photography.

Reintroducing Jim Falkowski of Cooper City Florida USA. Jim had my last post on him removed, me banned from FB, and has hidden/removed these incriminating photos of him with the poor animals he murdered for fun. So I ask you all to SHARE this post. Let's make the world see what Jim does with the income he receives from his business LaMar Drycleaners.

James (Jim) William Falkowski of Cooper City Florida USA. Elephants and rhinos added to his list of "conquests".

Kendall Jones again - Is there anything that this bitch won't kill?  This is one blackened soul hiding behind a Barbie doll face.

Meet the Texas Cheerleader Famous for Killing Animals in Africa

erica howard - Google+

erica howard - Google+

PATTERDALE TERRIER | Cats and Other Animals

Welcome to the home of the Patterdale Terriers. Learn how to look after your Patterdale Terrier, how to feed, exercise and care for Patterdale health issues.