Danielle Clough racket embroidery (source)

And you thought embroidery was mostly done on fabric. These unique and wonderful embroidery works of art were done by Cape Town textile arti.

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Danielle Clough Transforms Vintage Rackets Into Her Canvas for Floral Embroidery Designs

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WHAT A RACKET - (Danielle Clough)Does this count as being interested in sport? Recent works from the Cape Town, South Africa native.

Aloe Racket by Danielle Clough

Danielle Clough – embroidered plant on vintage tennis racket. How about an embroidered shuttlecock on a badminton racket?

Photo © Danielle Clough.

Stitched Images: Embroidered Fiber Art by Danielle Clough

Embroidering rackets rather than swinging them, Danielle Clough uses thick thread to create multi-colored images of aloe and other fauna on vintage tennis rackets, the strings acting as her loom.

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An old tennis racket becomes a piece of art

Danielle Clough - Embroidery Artist Very creative use of an old rachet as a grid to weave and create this image.

Sew Far, Sew Good: I Embroider On Old Tennis Rackets | Bored Panda

Sew Far, Sew Good: I Embroider On Old Tennis Rackets

In her series What a Racket, South African embroidery artist and designer Danielle Clough crafts the most incredible threaded artworks onto old badminton and tennis rackets using bright coloured wool.

Danielle Clough - embroidered vintage tennis racket

Danielle Clough - What a Racket

New Embroidered Works on Rackets, Shoes, and Fences by Danielle Clough


Danielle Clough - What a Racket

South African fibre artist Danielle Clough creates Embroidered Tennis Rackets where she applies her needlework flowers to the strings of old racquets.

<p>South African artist Danielle Clough turns tennis racket into a canvas for her botanical embroideries. ‘What a Racket’ is a series of images documenting Clough’s endeavor to embellish the sport too

Danielle Clough Turns Tennis Rackets Into Art Objects

This upcycled tennis racket art by Danielle Clough is just brilliant. Danielle uses the tennis rackets as a canvas for her embroidered art.

Armed with vibrant, thick thread that instantly draws you into her colorful world, artist Danielle Clough weaves stunningly detailed forms, figures, and yes, flowers. However, she didn't use your average embroidery hoop-cloth combo as a canvas for her recent, playfully-named What A Racket series. Instead, she challenged herself by transforming vintage tennis and badminton rackets into an unconventional, yet brilliant, workspace.  "A friend showed me these simple heart weavings on a racket…

Patternbank thought we’d share artist Danielle Clough’s fabulous embroidered vintage tennis and badminton rackets which have been doing the rounds on all t


Match Point pour Danielle Clough

danielle clough's jazzed up racquets

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