Explore Sunday, Selfie, and more!

Easy Sunday Selfie with Sister Gracie

Sister Gracie has one serious Easy going on with Eyes Wide Shut. No, not even my paw on her back woke her up. Eyes Wide Open works too and Sister.

Sister Kit and Her Can Do Easy Sunday Selfie

Take a look at Sister Kit all curled up. Is that an Easy Sunday or what? She sure knows how to enjoy a good comfy. It’s just a darn good.

Sister Kit and Her Easy Sunday Selfie

Sister Kit loves to have an Easy on the back of the couch and it didn’t take her long to get back into her normal Easy routine. x Sister Kit.

A Sister Kit Easy and a Sister Kit Selfie

A nice and warm Christmas blankie makes for a purrfect Easy spot! The Mom got out a super soft Christmas Blankie and Sister Kit was the first there, she hit.

Easy On Sunday and My Selfie for You

See, I know how to have a thoroughly enjoyable Easy. How’s that for an Easy Sunday? Truth be told, I can do this kind of Easy any old day of.

Sister Kit Takes It Easy and Sister Kit Takes a Selfie

Sister Kit finds the mini-scratcher a purrfect place to have her Easy. She was sure comfy with those dainty paws crossed. I wouldn’t let her forget that a selfie was.

It’s a Sister Kit Easy and Selfie Day

Sister Kit likes a good sunpuddle just like the rest of us, and today she caught a good one. She said the sun feels so good on her furs.

Easy Sunday Selfie with Sister Sascha

Sister Sascha has been moving from one sunpuddle to another and finds the warmth a wonderful place for her Easy. Sister Sascha did do her Selfie before she got down.

Sister Gracie Does Easy and Sister Gracie Does Selfie

Now that’s about as Easy as it gets. Sister Gracie it so good at the Easy thing and her smile always makes us smile too. Sister Gracie has some pretty.

Sister Sascha and Her Easy Selfie at the Hop

Sister Sascha knew she was going to be doing the Easy Selfie thing this week so she put in a lot of time practicing her Easy.