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Harry, Ron & Hermione's Kids' Epic Adventures, Created By Fans!

Harry Potter Original generation and next generation. Love this SUPER accurate family tree BUT FRED! I mean, even Percy got a family!

HP:next generation by viria13.deviantart.com on @deviantART Top to bottom: Harry's, Ron's, George's, (not sure), Remus's, Lupin's and then Malfoy's. :)

HP:next generation. Viria @ Deviant art <-- I wish they put their last names down for the kids that aren't quite as obvious.

My grandmother's generation of beachwear.

Girl gang summer time.

Teaching children to pray | Bible study and devotions for kids

Armor of God for Kids Chart

Do you know all the Weasleys? Potters? Probably not. That's what we - the NGAO - are for. To raise awareness of the Harry Potter Next Generation.

The Weasley Family Tree. Just realized that lily Luna is one of Harry's kids. Luna never died AND Neville never got a name named after him! If Luna didn't die, then I think Neville should be in there somewhere!

Who's who of the Old generation.  Illustrated scenes from Harry Potter: The Marauders' Generation

Illustrated scenes from Harry Potter: The Marauders' Generation

Harry Potter: The Marauders' Generation by Viktoria Ridzel, a. (BTW: Viria is one of the coolest artists on deviantart.) well Ted tonks was a muggle but whatever