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Reflectins - Structural Color from  Squid Cells | by Fernan Federici

Reflectins - Structural Color from Squid Cells | by Fernan Federici

cross section of asparagus root, Mark Brundrett

Mark Brundrett, University of Western Australia - Nedlands, Australia Specimen: Asparagus root stele Technique: Fluorescence - dazzlingnaturesdazzlingnatures

Scientists Finally Figure Out How Immune Cells Release IL-1

A signaling molecule called was identified for the first time in and only now are scientists fully understanding how cells release it.

bacterial growth petri dish

Fractal growth of B. subtilis, from Fujikawa and Matsushita, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Fractals are so beautiful. Nature is so amazing a d teaches us so much.

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Video: Researchers released stunning images of deep sea creatures, including some that don’t even have names

Every January, my mind goes to starting seeds for the spring.  I cannot tell you how many years I have done this, most of the time failing miserably. Either I plant the seeds too soon, or the seedl...

Starting seeds inside

1898 Richard Frotscher Seed Co. Seed Catalogs from Smithsonian Institution Libraries

This pair of screens, invoking the Chinese landscape around the Xiao and Xiang Rivers and the traditional couplets associated with its representation, was painted by the second son of Unkoku Tōgan (1547–1618), heir to the artistic legacy and patrons of Sesshû Tōyō (1420–?1506) in western Japan

Scenes from the Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers Unkoku Tôeki Period: Edo period Date: century Culture: Japan Medium: Pair of six-panel screens;

Iodine Crystals | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These iodine crystals were grown from the gas phase of iodine. They grew on the inside of the glass cylinder, where the gas cooled down and formed crystals.