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Algebra - Assign value to items so students can see algebra being applied to real life. I also like how this shows examples with money and what things cost. A fun way to come up with equations and great for visual learners.

Set Up Shop with Algebra

Real-World Algebra Activity. Use A variety on Items around the classroom. Set a variable and a price to represent each item. (You can even allow the students to determine the prices). Have the students shop for items or create a shopping list for them.

Reading teachers are familiar with the Frayer Model Map. I thought this was a great organizer to supplement the Frayer or replace it, depending, in math class.

Approaches to mathematics - numerical, algebraic, graphical, verbal mrs. tilmon says.: my latest pinspiration.

Simplifying Radicals: Solving Systems of Equations: Foldable Booklets

3 booklets with tabs for solving systems of equations by: graphing, substitution, and elimination. No staples or glue required.

Linear Function Cheat Sheet - Foldable for the Equation of a Line

Linear Functions

This blog post was written on my birthday last year. Yes, I know. My foldable is the best ever!

This activity supports standard a & b. This is a great graphic organizer for solving multi step equations, especially for students who are in intervention math or are visual learners.

***Freebie: Solving Multi-Step Equations: Students will put 4 cubes together. Each cube has 1 part on an equation on it. They will use the information on the cubes to create 12 multi-step equations to solve!

Students will be divided into groups of (can be done individually, or in larger groups, but is what I recommend.

Algebra 1 Notes -- how to solve a system of equations by graphing. Flowchart.

Systems of Equations *Flowchart* Graphic Organizers BUNDLE