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Space-Age lounging

Radio advantages- The advantages of radio advertisement: has wide audiences;

Lost in Space - One of my favorite shows as a kid (and yes, Don West aka Mark Goddard was a dream boat AND was from the town next to mine in Mass.)  I remember the first episodes of this show were in black and white and the whole tenor or of the show was very "tense" -Cold War, Russion spies (Dr. Smith was one of those spies), space race.  Once the show was colorized, it got a wee bit campy and if Dr. Smith went through a total transformation.  His shrieking used to drive my mom CRAZY!

(SS3458910) Cast Lost in Space Television Photo

Mol aka “Silvar” in the US version monsterman:  Ambassador Magma aka The Space Giants

i wish ♥_♥ Space Babe. From Novocaine Lipstick. I am looking for and scifi covers featuring women. This is close but they don't usually wear this much.

Katherine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn in 1933 film "Christopher Strong" wears a supreme shiny space…

Laika come home. | Sputnik-2

Human Rocket & Astronaut Dog DIY Space Costume for Halloween - Great way for you and your pet to dress up together!