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dance, sing or anything

dance, sing or anything

Donna Summer, fantastic singer made me wanna sing & dance

RIP Donna Summer - Disco legend Donna Summer died this morning at the age of 63

Micheal Jackson- Bad  In advisory I'm going to get up and sing this song and do the dance that goes along with it. I pity everyone in my class.

Michael Jackson album covers that accompanied his many hits, and his legacy. Images and photos of both vinyl and compact disc albums that feature his music.

janet greene sings 'fascist threat' and 'commie lies.' a great hit.

Project to try: meet Janet Greene & have a lengthy conversation about how extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!

The Best Swedish Dance Band Album Covers  All of them schmenges

The Best Swedish Dance Band Album Covers

The Ridiculous Fashion & Album Covers Of Swedish Bands 17

It Aint Me (with Selena Gomez) | Kygo Selena Gomez | http://ift.tt/2kMhOOs | Added to: http://ift.tt/2fMDYS8 #pop #spotify

"It Ain't Me (with Selena Gomez)" by Kygo Selena Gomez was added to my Abril 2017 - Maestro Billy playlist on Spotify

Total Sitting Home / Trippin Album Cover

girl group Total - My youth

Bad Romance - Vintage 1920's Gatsby Style Lady Gaga Cover ft. - That was crazy good.  OMG!  The tap dancing was out of this world.  All of it prefect.  I hope Gaga sees this.  She will go crazy in love for this.

Postmodern Jukebox, Ariana Savalas, and Tap Dancer Sarah Reich Perform a Vintage Cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’

1950s style....but can ya dance to it....LOL????

Music For Washing & Ironing Worst album covers bad album covers funny albums lps vinyl classic album art rock gospel big hair worst tattoos funny pictures awkward family photos stupid horrible terrible records awful

Yeah baby!

Mills (All Time Party Dances) Album Cover.

I know. I know. But Hot Chelle Rae makes me smile everytime I hear 'em. 'You can't help but love it!!

Whatever- Hot Chelle Rea. I luv hsr

Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix's cover of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. | 14 Covers That Are Just As Good As The Original

Radioactive (Cover) Imagine Dragons- Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix . imagine dragons, lindsey stirling, and pentatonix all in one song?

i know this is a fake album but I'd still love to have it in my collection.

At last - Godzilla sings!

The Ink Spots - Star Dust

The Ink Spots - Star Dust

Gospel puppets.  Dancing glowing eyeballs sing "The Lord's Got His Eye On You."  Light bulbs do "I Want To Be A Little Light Bulb For The Lord."

Dancing glowing eyeballs sing "The Lord's Got His Eye On You." Light bulbs do "I Want To Be A Little Light Bulb For The Lord.

Ladies do you need a banana in your fruit basket?

BO CARTER - banana in your fruit basket - red hot blues 1931 - 1936