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I think the world would implode :)

Dr Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory, Dr Gregory House - House, Capt Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribean, Sherlock Homes - Sherlock, Tony Stark - Iron Man Just get rid of gregory and throw in the doctor. This will be fun


Its that time of year.And yes Loki, you should have studied! lol This is what happens when you DON'T study for a test. LOL XD<<<<Well u can always cheat.

Not as catchy as YOLO but much more interesting!

lol so true *dies* *comes back* Damn it steen not right now I'm pinning stuff!

Meanwhile, in Canada                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm actually from Canada and my family never goes shopping on black friday because fights break out in stores and no not who's the most sorry fights like actual physical fights

Statistics on death. Vending machines? Really? I can just imagine the minister reading at the funeral," poor poor Suzy was sent to heaven last Tuesday in a horrible freak vending machine accident. I guess it ate her instead of the money or...ya know what? I don't even know...anyway she left behind 3 beloved children...and 1 unopened Pepsi.

Statistics on death.

Statistics on death. all the things that kill more people annually than sharks: deer, HS football, vending machines, falling out of bed, ants.

The Flash - Barry finally tells Iris that he loves her.  "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

The Flash - Barry finally tells Iris that he loves her. "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

Big Bang Theory

funny big bang theory, howard, raj and leonard - Dump A Day

So true

funny caption easter egg hunts how our parents see it how we see it may the odds be forever in your favor