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Or the Golden Trio (Harry Potter); Or PJO trio; And even the Twilight trio is better than this girls.

Or the Golden Trio (Harry Potter); Or PJO trio; And even the Twilight trio is better than this girls. How about Team Free Will

It's true pepper the war ender

It's true pepper the war ender

But it wouldn't be the same without 'em.<<<True dat.>> they are both stinken adorable!!

>> they are both stinken adorable!<<but the second picture isn't Sebastian it's a stunt double

Is that the same suit? Do they just pass it around sisterhood-of-the-travelling-style? Captain America-hood of the travelling suit

No offense to Mackie, but the Super Soldier Duo just do it for me. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Also, she helped steve in that moment. His black and white thinking is so strong its nauseating. I doubt he would have thought of it in that moment.

Peggy Carter is an inspiration. What's great is Hayley Atwell = Peggy Carter like RDJ = Tony Stark or Chris Evans = Steve Rogers. Hayley Atwell is an inspiration.

How dare you

*sobs emotionally* I never thought to think that when Howard Stark died in a "car accident" that it was Bucky who caused it.but it makes complete sense oh goshhhhhh! why does it have make complete sense?<——and it was proven in civil war

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character

Why has a Black Widow movie not happened yet?????

I want a Black Widow backstory movie. And I want a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie called "Budapest". Marvel - you need to make these happen!

This just makes me happy. Superhero star actually acting that way toward kids

Funny pictures about Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans. Oh, and cool pics about Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans. Also, Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans.

It's like ughhh why couldn't they just all get along and be happy and unicorns and bunnys and rainbows

Oh the feels! -So the trailer for Captain America Civil War is out- Like on one hand this makes me really sad, but on the other.OTP: Not without you and OTP: Till the end of the line.

This picture is the single most torturous one I have yet to find in the fandom. Once Bucky fell, it became personal to Steve and I'm pretty sure he became suicidal as the movie progressed. Especially since it progressed without Bucky, the one person he always had even when he had nothing and now he's crying his eyes out and endlessly drinking trying to forget when he knows he can't and wants to kill people  This picture speaks so many things to me for those reasons and more.

I don't blame Steve for this. It became a personal war when Bucky fell, and by this time he's seen how horrible Hydra is. They're not just bullies, they're cold-blooded killers.

Odin is the worst dad that has ever existed and I hate him!

"From the moment Odin saw Loki, he saw an instrument to end a war. From the moment Loki saw Odin, he saw someone he could love. Loki wanted Odin's approval so much he changed his form to look like an Asgardian. Even as a newborn.