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- What's up everyone, the real Dylan O'brien here. Just created an account so we can be closer and I can answer whatever you always wanted to ask me, love you all :) xo

oh look, its the love of my life, Dylan O'Brien aka Stiles from Teen Wolf or Thomas from The Maze Runner.


Dylan O'Brien) Hey I'm stiles and I play lacrosse I am a hyperactive spaz and a big nerd. Anyway I'm too hyper but I have to take Adarole and antianxiety meds I love to have some fun so come say hi!

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Though Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien is still on the mend - with production on the third and final installment, The Death Cure, postponed indefinitely - things must be looking up.

Dylan O'Brien 'Teen Wolf': 15 Reasons Why Stiles Is The Secret Heart Of The Show (GIFs)

15 Reasons Stiles Is The Secret Heart Of 'Teen Wolf'

My name is Anya) We have known each other since preschool and I've always had a crush on you.

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Read dylan when. from the story IMAGINES ⌲ dylan o'brien by sourstiles (rip teen wolf) with reads. Dylan when a fan ask.

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I absolutely do NOT want to watch Teen Wolf but cannot get enough of this kid! Go watch the internship - hilarious!<<<why wouldn't you wanna watch teen wolf it's great



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What's happening right now: Me: am i pretty Dylan: no Me: starts crying Dylan: your not pretty your beautiful.


Dylan O'Briens aka Stiles from Teen Wolf and can't wait to see Mazerunner!