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Tarot E-course — Drawing Within :: Intuitive Reiki, Tarot Readings, Tarot E-course, Crystals, & More!

Whether you've never shuffled a Tarot deck or have been dabbling with readings for years. You want to know what messages the Tarot has for you. You're ready for some self-exploration and soul-searching. The Tarot Within is for you.

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When I asked how to learn about tarot, one reader suggested drawing a card every day and writing a story based on your first impression of the card's image

Card Meanings

a quick guide to Tarot card meanings - a cheat sheet for tea weekend :)

Past Life Tarot Spread    1.Past life physical description: What did you look like during your past life?      2.Past life location: Where did you live?      3.Past life personality: What kind of person were you?      4.Past-life/present-life relationship: Which relationship have you carried over from a past life to your    present? (If you’d like to see more than one relationship, add another card.)      5.Past life purpose: What was your soul’s purpose in a past life?      6.Pas...

Past Life Tarot Spread - life physical description life location life personality relationship carried over to present-life life purpose life passion life death lesson unresolved issue from your past life life purpose from past-self to present-self

Infographic reviewing the history of #Tarot, what makes a Tarot deck, some stats, and how Tarot (may) work. Repin this to save for later.

Tarot decks frequently find their way into my mystery novels. The symbols on the cards are archetypal -- perfect for adding foreshadowing or clues to a charact

Tarot card readings - This is a good "yes or no" tarot spread :)x  Yes Or No Tarot Spreads - Imgur

Angel Tarot Reading love or any other wish is a very specific divinatory art known to be hard to master.

Imbolc Tarot Spread

The Tarot Sybarite provides personal counseling using tarot cards to bring clarity, healing, and.